Pulmonary Embolism: Signs, Symptoms and Risk Factors

In this video, Pensacola personal injury lawyer Joe Zarzaur and Dr. Evan Malone discuss pulmonary embolism signs, symptoms, and risk factors. You may think that a pulmonary embolism only happens in elderly people or those who are hospitalized, but the truth is that it can also occur in young people. Dr. Malone explains the leading causes of pulmonary embolism in the young, as well as its main symptoms.

If you, a spouse, or a loved one is in the E.R. and feels that the possibility of a pulmonary embolism is being overlooked, mention it to a physician. Ask them straight up, and then ask them if they’ve performed the necessary tests to rule it out.

Learn more about Pulmonary Embolism: http://bit.ly/1SBZZvQ

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