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      Brittany Foster

      I often have a difficult time clearing my lungs and airways of mucus. I have a chronic cough that has turned into me getting bronchitis about once a month. Doctors have prescribed me a type of therapy that I am able to do from the comfort of my own home. It is a therapy that allows me to clear the mucus so that my coughs become more productive and it hopefully with cut back on much of the infections I’ve been getting.

      The therapy I am doing for this is called the afflovest. It had a setting for vibrations and drainage and I am excited to start this. I will be using the vest for 30 minutes twice a day and it’s even portable so if I need to move around with it I can.

      Has anyone had a therapy to help with airway clearance? Do you have experience with an afflovest or a vest to clear the airways and help the lungs?

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      Dori Herrick

      I have not had this therapy, but it sounds very similar to the types of therapies used for patients with Cystic Fibrosis. *CF is an incurable condition from birth, in which the mucus membranes create an extra thick mucous that patients struggle to clear from their lungs. It often leads to many lung infections, and usually death at a very young age.
      I am curious as to how much success you have with this vest. Please keep us posted.

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        Brittany Foster

        Hi Dori,
        I have been using the vest 30 minutes to an hour every day and so far it has already made my cough more productive (which in my case is a good thing so all that junk doesn’t just stay in there and cause infection). It makes it easier to breathe and is like a workout for my chest wall at the same time. It really is an awesome treatment so far.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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