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     Brittany Foster 

    I know that many people like to go to family’s houses for the holidays. This has been something that was a challenge for me while I was on oxygen. Before I had my portable oxygen concentrator that I could just recharge at someone’s house if needed, I needed to think about the amount of time I would be spending on the road and at wherever the holiday was being held. Sometimes this led to me having to leave a holiday party early to go back and recharge my oxygen.

    How do you deal with oxygen and holiday plans or holiday travel? Do you find yourself really having to plan ahead? What is something that has made things easier for you?

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     Jen Cueva 

    Hey Brittany,
    I have traveled on a road trip one year to Ohio for Christmas with the in-laws. I took a ton of the medium-sized tanks along for the road trip. I did not have a POC then. I did have my oxygen provider, drop a home concentrator and a few extra tanks at the in-laws home. Luckily, they had a location near-by. I could also switch out the medium tanks before heading home so I would be “refueled”. They picked up the equipment once I called them on my way home. It worked out great.

    Now, I have my POC, so I use that for flying and road trips, too. It is great that I can recharge it in the car or wherever we stay overnight.

    Before I had my POC, I rented one a few times for travel. It was like $100 for the week, though, costly when you are already spending money traveling. Many companies online offer POC rentals. Some oxygen companies will, too. My company, Apria, did but it was something that had to be reserved in advance. Planning is certainly required, but doable. I now have a POC bag that I have extra batteries, chargers, extra cannulas, and tubings, etc. It is usually ready to go. I just check to be sure that all batteries are charged.

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       Brittany Foster 

      I didn’t realize that you could rent them from the different oxygen companies. That would have come in handy for my cruise that I went on LOL instead I lugged about 30 tanks on board the ship hahahaha! That was definitely a trip to remember. Always make sure those batteries are charged up. I have made that mistake a few times where they aren’t charged and all heck breaks loose lol!

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