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      Colleen Steele

      Happy Friday everyone! How did your week go? Any wins you would like to tell us about?

      My husband received his 2nd vaccination today, so one finished not 3 more of us to go.

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      Jen Cueva

      I a happy that your hubby got his second vaccine without much complication. I wish you and the boys the same. Please keep us posted.

      I was discharged home at the end of the week. This was certainly my biggest win this past week. Now, to be here among the PHamily is another one.

      Let’s focus on what wins we have, no matter how small it may seem to others.

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      Jill Upshaw

      A few days ago, I had my first vaccination shot. It went very well. I only had one period of time where I was weak and my heart was racing but no pain or real sickness. Looking forward to getting the 2nd one over with. It really is kind of empowering. I feel safer. However, I still wear my mask around people outside of my family.

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        Jen Cueva

        This is an awesome win, @upshtcx. I hope that you do well with shot #2 in a few weeks, too. From all who have been vaccinated, I hear the same. They, too, feel that empowerment and safer in many ways.

        Because of my difficult time with COVID, my PH team is waiting a bit for me. But, I think it will not be much longer until they OK me to get mine. I was tested for antibodies, and I was positive last month.

        Please keep us posted, Jill. My prayers are with you that all goes well.

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          Jill Upshaw

          Jen, Thank you. I love how you call your doctors your team. I have 8 doctors and they really do work as a team. My previous doctors were so arrogant. That is one reason I was diagnosed so late. I have a great group now. They not only work well together between 3 major hospitals but they make it easier on me. I don’t have to call this one, then that one, etc. They take care of coordinating everything.

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      Jen Cueva

      Hi @upshtcx, I am happy to hear that you have a team of excellent doctors to care for you. It truly helps when they work together.

      Unfortunately, there are many arrogant doctors out there. Often, we must try several before we find the best match.

      I know that this helps you feel more comfortable and also doesn’t add to your stress level. Thanks for sharing; this is very important.

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      Jen Cueva

      On Friday, I took a little time off to suck it up and work on my tax papers. So not fun, I know.

      But, because I was feeling pretty good, my hubby and I had a late lunch outside on a small restaurant patio. It was sunny and not muggy and not busy at all. Afterward, we took a drive towards the beach, Galveston. Sadly, I did not get out as it was so crowded, but just the drive there and back, the fresh sunshine, and the sunroofs open, I enjoyed every moment.

      Those little things mean the most. I rested Saturday and Sunday but, I am grateful for that nice day. Plus, the sunshine, fresh air, and ocean air are good for the soul.

      What went right last week for y’all? Share away, remember no matter how big or small, we celebrate all wins!

      , you had awesome wins on the improvements on your RHC regarding your pressures.

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      Colleen Steele

      @jenc I’m sooo happy to hear about your lunch date and drive and that you fit in lots of rest later. It sounds like Friday was a perfect day, including getting the taxes out of the way and off your mind.

      I think the big win for me this week was seeing Cullen get out with his brother, exercise and hang out with a few friends. He has been cooped up in his room since the pandemic started and I think it’s been taking a toll on him. He was in a bit of a funk on Saturday and went for a walk alone. His brother ended up driving past him and picked him up. They had lunch together then spent the entire day outside with friends working on cars and tossing around a football and playing other sporting games. They were gone all day…didn’t get home until it was time for Cullen’s meds at 10PM.

      Aidan said it was the happiest he had seen his brother in a while. He’s also going to help Cullen find a job because not having one has been bringing Cullen down too. He’s also in the process of finding a new college to transfer to and start back up with on-line classes.

      Sorry I got wordy with this update. Just happy when my kids are happy.

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      Jen Cueva

      Thanks for sharing, @colleensteele. I love hearing the close relationship that Cullen and Aidan have. Of course, that time together and getting Cullen out made you happy. We want our kids to be happy; if they are, we are.

      So happy to hear that Cullen felt like he could get out and enjoy some guy time. I bet he was exhausted at the end of the day.

      As a mom and sister both, this gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. My sisters and I are not close, although we live near each other. But we were close lie this at one time.

      Please keep us posted on Cullen when he starts classes or with a job that he may start. Is there a special interest or specific job he wants to look into? Thanks for making my heart smile this morning.

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