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    I am wondering if anyone knows what their VO2 stats are during an exercise test/exercising? I was reviewing some detailed notes from my doctor of a stress test I had done back in January and if I’m understanding it correctly, I’m a little horrified. 😛 Your VO2 is how much oxygen you can take in at peak exercise. So I’m 25 years old and at the very least I should be able to take in around 28 mL/per minute at max. Well….I can do 12. Yikes! It made me curious if anyone else knows anything about this?

    here’s a link to a chart of what range you should be in just for fun

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     Brittany Foster 

    Hi Libby,
    I know that on testing I really don’t take in a lot at all. My respiration does not increase with exertion and it is more of a central nervous system type problem for me combined with restrictive lungs (most likely from weaker muscles and having chest surgeries when I was younger). There has been damage to my vagus nerve too which is responsible for a lot of the function in the body. I had exercise testing done too but don’t know the exact numbers of the VO2 I just know that it was highly abnormal because my respiration and intake of o2 was so limited that my oxygen dropped to 80.

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     Jen Cueva 

    Libby, I too, have had this done several times. I don’t recall my numbers, but I do know that my numbers we’re abnormal for my age as well. I was shocked, but my PH dirtier did tell me that most PH patients get these abnormally low results.

    I would be more interested in the differences through the years in my VO2 stats, I would hope that it showed a little improvement since my diagnosis.

    Certs in tests, I try not too fixated on numbers but more so how I’m feeling and how much I can do, as these things change daily.

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       Brittany Foster 

      you’re right, Jen! I think that it is hard for us to trust our body sometimes so that is why a lot of people may count on numbers to confirm that what they are feeling is real. I am learning to trust my gut and have faith in knowing that I KNOW my body and know what it’s telling me better than the doctors do. Learning to actually listen and take myself seriously and my symptoms seriously has always been hard for me. Do you find that you have/ still do struggle with this? This is something that i work on in therapy. It just was worse after years of not being taken seriously.

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         Jen Cueva 

        So true, Brittany! It only takes one bad experience with doctors not believing you and taking things seriously. I’ve had my issues with this multiple times and I still feel like I struggle with this at times.

        My PH doctor left recently so I’m now seeing a colleague, I’ve only been seeing him a few months and although he is very attentive and listens to my concerns, I get nervous and anxious before my visits. Those many fellows who come to make rounds in the hospital are another story.

        I think once this happens, we tend to struggle with this more.

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