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  • Hi Jen, you are not the only one that has never seen this USB idea. When I went into the hospital, I was amazed how many doctors and nurses had not seen or heard of it. They all passed by to tell me that too. I got called the star patient, or the patient of the day! I do also have my meds listed in my phone on a notepad app that I got.…[Read more]

  • HEY, Colleen, I found this forum finally!
    I just wondered if any of you have a medic alert bracelet with a USB in it? It is silicone, has a slot on the underside that holds a little USB. It is water proof, so you don’t have to remove it for the shower. the USB comes with a page that you can fill in on the computer, but I always had more to…[Read more]

  • Barb Jensen posted a new activity comment 9 months ago

    Good idea, maybe I need to do that in the Iowa City area. I have never dealt with a group like this, never participated in forums, etc, but I think I will learn a lot here (IF I can navigate thru the computer/internet etc!!).
      • Welcome, Barb, it’s pretty simple. Please let us know if you have any questions or need help. Here is what I found in Iowa City, there is z support group. I’ll send you the link.

      • Barb Jensen posted an update 9 months ago

        I am doing much better this week, i have better energy today, thank God!! I’ve got to clean. I am a CPR instructor and the University of Iowa Hospital is looking to contract with some instructors for 1 1/2 hour sessions. I am thinking I want to try it. I miss teaching SO much. I think I could do 1 1/2 hour sessions.

        • Glad to hear that this week is better for you, Barb. Good luck with the CPR instructor position. Have you experienced any increase in shortness of breath while doing CPR?
          • It’s great to hear that you are feeling better! The CPR position sounds perfect for you and I will keep my fingers crossed that you get it! Keep us posted on how it is going! I’m excited for you!
            • Were you a teacher, Barb?
              I can relate to missing teaching and doing something like that would be a great way for you to still feel like you are teaching something without being overworked. And I’m sure the times that you are there everyone will just LOVE you. It makes it even better when we have some personal connection and reason for why…

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          • Barb Jensen became a registered member 9 months ago

            • Hi Barb,
              I wanted to welcome you to the forums. I am one of the forum moderators here along with Colleen Steele. It is great that many of our other members are also really active in the forums. I know you will find good support here and advice from people who understand what you may be going through. I also use Bipap at night but haven’t…

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            • Welcome Barb to the PH Forums! You have been through a lot lately and understandably must be feeling overwhelmed. I’m certain that you will receive lot’s of support and information here plus help others based on your own experience. Let me or our other Forum’s Moderator, Brittany Foster, know if you have any questions using the forums. I…

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