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      Barb Jensen

      HEY, Colleen, I found this forum finally!
      I just wondered if any of you have a medic alert bracelet with a USB in it? It is silicone, has a slot on the underside that holds a little USB. It is water proof, so you don’t have to remove it for the shower. the USB comes with a page that you can fill in on the computer, but I always had more to include than there was room for, so, since I already had my personal info, allergies, medical history on Word, I downloaded it onto the USB. I had all my meds put on Excel and I downloaded it too (Meds, dosages, how and when I take each, MD’s name, etc). Whenever I have a change of any kind, I can go to the excel on the computer and change it, very easy. If I have a Dr. appointment, I run off the updated version and take it with me. They REALLY appreciate having it all written down and updated!
      When I went into the hospital, my friend instructed the staff to get the USB, they plugged it into their computer, and they had all my info that fast. This saved my life twice in June. I was amazed, however, that most ER staff had never seen it.
      If I knew how to include a couple images, I would, but no luck so far!!

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      Barb Jensen

      Hi Jen, you are not the only one that has never seen this USB idea. When I went into the hospital, I was amazed how many doctors and nurses had not seen or heard of it. They all passed by to tell me that too. I got called the star patient, or the patient of the day! I do also have my meds listed in my phone on a notepad app that I got.

      Another emergent “plan ahead ideas”, is that you have your next of kin in you phone as “ICE”, which stands for “In Case of Emergency”. Most paramedics or ER staff know to look at your contacts in your phone for this. For example, I have:

      ICE #1 Adam 1st son
      ICE #2 Jeri (Adams wife, a nurse)
      ICE #3 Carlie. 2nd son
      ICE #4 Alec, 3rd son
      They like to have them numbered. I used to teach this and USB in a safety class at the hospital that I used to work at, but I am still amazed how many patients don’t do it or they don’t have a med list on them, etc. Have a great Thanksgiving!

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