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    Hi Kathleen. We have a black lab named Gracie. She’s about 13 years old. We have 6 cats. Yikes! LOL!! I managed to catch the momma cats and get the both fixed. They’re feral so not ideal to bring inside. I’ve built them a shelter on our porch so they can be dry during the rain and warm during the winter. I befriended all of the kittens, caught them, brought them inside and took them to the vet when it was time to get them fixed. The idea was to adopt them out after they were fixed. We are too attached to let any go and they bring us so much joy.

    The Veletri is going well. I handled the mixing when it was needed. We’re with a new pharmacy now (Accredo) and they ship it to us premixed. What a blessing that’s been. Saves a ton of time!

    Since I work from home, I’m online most of the day and will be happy to help the forum in any way I can. We’re going to be at the PHA Conference in Orlando this year and can’t wait to meet others, talk, and have fun.

    • Oh my gosh, 6 feral cats sounds like great fun! I’m sure they are quite attached to you too as well – lucky cats with a custom shelter!

      Ah, I had heard rumors about premixed shipments – that’s amazing! I used to be on Flolan and then Remodulin so I am still catching up with all the advancements that have been made. Still I imagine maintaining the catheter site takes some work.

      I’m so glad you are going to the Conference! I have been to eight Conferences and they always make a profound impact. Have you been to any before? I’m hoping to go to Orlando as well…still waiting to see if they will hire me to be a photographer! I will let you know if I do end up getting to go and hopefully we can meet in person.

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