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    The catheter site gets a once a week cleaning. I have to wear a mask and gloves. We’ve been extremely cautious with keeping the site and line clean. It was very scary at first. Still a little scary but more routine now. I think flolan is working on a pump that gets surgically inserted under your skin. Pretty cool advancement if you ask me. I’m always amazed with what medicine can accomplish. You’re a perfect example.

    This will be our first conference. Yay!! :). Would be great to see you there.

    • My dad is a registered nurse and he handled my bandage changes for several years, but I still had some infections…you can never be too careful! But I agree, gets easier with time…I stopped holding my breath so much eventually, hah!
      Yes, I have heard about the implantable pump – I think some patients may already have them. Perhaps we will see them at Conference? I am so excited you two are going for the first time! It’s amazing to be in one room with so many patients, caregivers, and doctors!

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