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      I just saw these posts and relate so much! I’m so fortunate to be able to work from home in healthcare as I worked as a nurse prior to several cardiac illnesses (pretty rare in healthcare!) so I’m so thankful for this! I can adjust my hours per day as I need to and am only expected to travel to the community I’m working with once every 6-8 weeks. But I only have 1-2 meetings when I go there and work puts me up in a hotel as I would be too exhausted to drive there and back in one day. It’s been a huge blessing – I can’t agree more Brittany when you said that being able to work helps you to “feel like I have some purpose, and gives me motivation to push forward with my day.” It’s amazing how important feeling like you are contributing and helping is so important. Unfortunately, I know that it can be hard to find meaningful work from home for many people – and it shouldn’t be this way!

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      Hi Brittany, Jen and Leslie,
      I can’t thank you enough for your replies!!
      I have read before of the exercise/exertional PH – that sounds like an excellent idea to have another echo done *during* activity as opposed to only at rest.

      Brittany – I didn’t realize that they could do a right heart cath during exercise and it’s really interesting that your pressures also showed up normal at rest but that you finally received a diagnosis with a right heart cath when exercising!

      …the waiting game indeed – it feels like a catch-22: if you’re not “bad enough” and young, then your symptoms are written off as something that can’t be that significant, it’ll be fine. But if you’re young and it gets bad, that’s when we have the “benefit” of more action taken…because we’re young. Except you’ve already played the waiting game for tests and answers…(just a little rant that I know you all understand 😉 )

      thanks again! I’ll keep you updated as to what happens and will post if I have any more questions leading up to the appointment.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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