• Cynthia posted an update 8 months, 2 weeks ago

    Been through so much. I have 3 diagnosis working here, it apparently was started with autoimmune disease, but I have been denial throughout it all. I thought I was getting the best care, I tried it their way, but it was money and experimental driven. I went back to my doctor who first diagnosed me, and I’ve been healthier and happier. My ph seems to be doing ok, but the other two aggravate my breathing, so I’m on prednisone now, which allows me to function better.
      • Hi Cynthia,
        I know that you aren’t alone with autoimmune disease being an initial diagnosis. I know of othera who have RA or other types of autoimmune diseases like Lupus that end up impacting their breathing and contributing to PH. Do your doctors work well together to create a good care plan for you that takes all of your conditions into consideration? I also have a few chronic illnesses and I find my treatments are best when I am looked at as a whole person and not just one individual diagnosis. Looking at the combination of everything together and finding the best treatments for that has helped me a lot. I make sure all my doctors are in contact with each other after appointments and I do a lot of tracking of symptoms and trying to manage all of them. It can just be so confusing with a lot going on at once!

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