• Brittany, your advice is very spot on. My bipap is set for the maximum air pressure and leakage can be tough to keep in control at times. For me, whose beard grows very quickly it is very important for me to keep my beard shaved very close if not completely gone. Also, it is very important for me to wash/clean off any facial oils off my face and…[Read more]

  • Randolph, I don’t put the CBD on my skin before insertion. That would interfere with the glue sticking to the skin. I prep with alcohol, then with a skin barrier wipe.
    So that you know, there are a couple types of cathedar’s that can be used (that I know of). I use the Silhouette from Smith’s Medical. The needle enters the body from the side…[Read more]

  • Hello Randolph,
    I have been on Remodulin subq for 7 years now. I was just reading thru your post and replies to others. I am noticing a couple of things that I do differently. First, I understand the pain you are referring to. It is no fun for sure, the drug itself causes the pain & inflammation you are having. I don’t know why your…[Read more]

  • Hello Randy. I am on Remodulin sub cutaneous at this time. (Am going to transition soon to Orenitram hopefully) I’ve been on sub cut. for just over 6 years now. Also taking Opsumit as well. But I don’t know how you “carry” your pump etc. I recently bought oneof those pouch belts to hold the pump etc. But while it works soso, I like the way I…[Read more]

  • Hello Brittany. Sorry to hear that you are having such issues with your sub q sites. I’ve been there at one time 6 years ago. I’ve been on Remodulin Sub Cutaneous for 6 years now, and may be switching to Orenitram soon. But, I think I can help you in dealing with some of your issues. I too go thru Accredo and had the same problem of my site…[Read more]

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  • Douglas Knuth became a registered member 1 year ago

    • Hi Douglas,
      welcome to the PH forums. I can see that you are a new member so I’m sure you haven’t had time to fill out the profile yet. If you get a chance, I would encourage you to fill out the information in the profile such as if you are a PH patient, when you were diagnosed, what therapies you are receiving etc. It gives us a chance to “know”…[Read more]

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