• When I drink water I usually use a straw so I’d say sip. Since being in subq Remodulin my teeth are sensitive. Before subq I’d do both. Chugging made me full faster and never quenched my thirst. When I sip water I feel more hydrated.

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  • I stay cold most of the time. During the Summer I rarely run my ac and drive with Windows down about 95% of the time. During the Winter I burn fires in my fireplace which distributes heat through the vents throughout the entire house. I use to use an electric blanket but since I wear a subcutaneous pump I found that one of the heat elements rested…[Read more]

  • This was sent to me by a PHriend that is on my personal PHight page.

    “Hey i just wanna let u know that everything you have done for me has been amazing ur guidence through this process has been great not knowing that my time is drawing near and learning to expect it moving forward and not giving in im very thankful that you have helped me in so…[Read more]

  • “You don’t look sick” and my response is raising my shirt and saying “you see this pump it’s a Remodulin subq and I don’t have it in my stomach for looks or for fun, it’s keeping me alive along with two pills I take.” They always say oh and that’s it. I also donthis when people get mad for me parking in handicap.

    “How can you be sick if you’re…[Read more]

  • When ever the seasons change, my body feels it even if I’m not outside. I do great I’m the spring and summer.Heat is my friend but when fall and winter come around my breathing gets harder and I feel more weak and have less energy.Whenever the wind blows no matter the season my breathing is hard as well. I dread when winter comes because I feel…[Read more]

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    • Hi Aubrey,
      I am one of the forum moderators along with Colleen Steele so I just wanted to reach out and welcome you to the forums. I see that you have been a patient for almost 10 years. I’m sure getting this diagnosis right around your 30th birthday was scary and surprising to say the least. I am glad that when you started educating…

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    • Welcome Aubrey to the PH Forums! I’m certain that you will receive lot’s of support and information here plus help others based on your own experience. Let me or our other Forum’s Moderator, Brittany Foster, know if you have any questions using the forums. I look forward to learning more about your personal journey.
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