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  • Steve Sallee posted an update 8 months, 2 weeks ago

    @texas2018 Just wanted to give you a “Semper Fi” and I share the frustration with you on the social workers, sky pilots and empty suits we encounter when we have to ask for help. They especially don’t get us Jarheads. They want me to lay down and die, get rid of my business, zero my income, go home, sit on the couch and wait to see IF or WHEN they decide to send me the disability check that I PAID into the system for. Sorry not surrendering today or any other day. As long as I have some kind of income, I was told they will not even look at my health issues. Anyway, I’m glad I got onto this site, nothin’ but good people. Reminds me what I miss the most about the Corps. Brotherhood. -Steve

    • Glad you and @texas2018 can relate to one another on this level. Ron is a great friend and has always been one to reach out and offer support in times of need. I feel like the people that are like this in my life are the ones that have been through the most and know what it’s like to suffer and go through things that are meant to destroy you. It’s a bond that is on a different level than most people understand. I am glad that you share that bond in the Corps and hopefully on here too. Thank you for sharing. I can understand your frustration with disability and being “too able” even though you don’t feel like you are or making “too much” to qualify. It’s so hard. Thinking of you both!
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