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  • Dear Brittany ref changes both mental and physical after my prognosis of IPF Vasculitis And Pulmonary Hypertension, certainly huge changes to my whole lifestyle .After all the mind and body work together.
    I am on oxygen 24/7 and have been thinking of it as “my lifeline medication” together with steroids and Morphine when required,the oxy…[Read more]

  • I messed up spelling I am Not sad that ai improve rather think about hat If previous I did not expect or believe a miracle could happen I now rather wonder if it has !

    • Thinking of you Grace, that is great to feel better !!! Enjoy it ! Bring it up to your medical team, maybe a treatment is starting to work better for you. I know some people that are given a prognosis that make a turn around and end up living way past what was expected. These situations are pretty miraculous if you ask me! Stay positive !

  • I have three severe pathologies. IPF
    Vasculitis and Pulmonary Hypertension.
    I am told by two different hospitals that it is rare to
    Suffer all three together. I am as given a prognosis of 6–18
    Months 11 months ago. At that time I could do nothing for myself I would as in a Wheel chair . I was unable to shower or dress my self
    I now feel bad hat e…[Read more]

    • Hi Grace,
      This is amazing that you are seeing some improvement !! Have you started any new medication or are you doing anything differently that is helping? Sometimes there’s no explanation for why we can feel better, it’s just amazing when we do. Enjoy the improvement and maybe ask your doctor about it and let them know of the positives you are feeling!

  • Grace Olive Collins posted an update 2 years ago

    When I am anxious I must find something
    That I can focus on. Recently my grandchildren have brought colouring
    Books for me
    I find it helps no end I am sort of addicted !
    The other thing I try when becoming
    Anxious is to write in my daily manual
    The I pad is good to use for a story or a poem

    • Grace,
      I agree with you that coloring books do wonders for anxiety ! I’m glad that you find comfort in writing and creating poems too. It’s great to tap into our creative side ! Also makes for a good distraction !

  • I now have just 26% Of lung capacity.i do suffer anxiety attacks..I hope that I may still have time left If I lead a sedentary lifestyle So different from my busy long days in my private physiotherapy practice!
    I would also like to give advise on line for RehabCorective Exercise I have written books on this and would send a copy if anyone would…[Read more]

  • I attended Pinderfields today for more pulmonary Respiratory tests.my phobia is struggling to breathe and then having a laryngeal spasm
    I was seen by the nicest medical practitioner ever
    I managed to calm and no anxiety stakes either

  • I have been able to walk with my daughter and use the pusher rather than be in a wheel chair first time for months. I realise just how difficult it is to wake up each day feeling anxious and not being able to get through the day without a panic attack
    I feel so much better having acomplish this today

    • That’s great! I’m glad you’re seeing improvements, Grace. Keep going – improving your exercise tolerance can really help. I also suffer from anxiety, but have been able to control it through weekly therapy and prescription anxiety medication. I’d encourage you to talk to your doctor about your anxiety and seek the advice of a psychiatrist.

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