• Judie posted an update 4 weeks ago

    I am curious for those not on continuous oxygen do you use oxygen when you fly? I have not been symptomatic but I decided to check my pulse ox while flying and I was shocked to see high 70’s-80’s. I felt fine but now I’m concerned that I should use my O2 when flying. I was newly diagnosed last summer and my PH has improved on aggressive medical therapy. I no longer get short of breath walking from gate to gate, (for a short period of time I had trouble walking between gates and used my oxygen.). I fly rather frequently and I will discuss this with my doctor in April. I don’t fly again until May 6 and I own my own inogen system.
    What do you have to do regarding airlines when you need to use oxygen in flight? Being I never have used it I just carried my system on board without any issues. Thank you in advance for input!

    • Hi Judie,
      When I’m flying, each airline has a list of approved portable oxygen tanks that they allow and I think inogen is one of them. I would check the regulations of airline that you are flying on. I also needed a medical note of necessity by my doctor (this wasn’t even looked at but it was something that I had with my just in case while flying with the oxygen in case they needed to see any medical documents). You also have to make sure that you have enough battery for the flight time, plus another HALF flight time. So, if you’re flight is 4 hours long you would need enough battery to last you 4 hours plus the half flight which would be 2 hours so a total of batteries lasting you 6 hours! I think I took 4 batteries on my last flight and the company did charge me extra for these batteries. If I were you, definitely bring up your need for oxygen on the flight because the pressures on the planes are different and do mess with people’s blood pressure and their pressures in their heart. Plane rides are also very dehydrating.

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