• Jen Cueva posted an update 2 months, 1 week ago

    @shannon4jk , I just wanted to check in on you and see how you are doing with your hospitalization. Thinking of you . 🤗

    • Aww thanks. All is good. Nothing new really. Can’t sleep but eventually I have to black out? Lol it’s always noisy and I am sure you no how hospital stays are. And my body aches from not getting out of bed. It was so bad earlier I thought about checking myself out. I am not a good patient. I keep telling myself to be patient and calm , but uggggg. Lack of sleep is getting to me lol ty for thinking of me.
        • Shannon, I definitely can relate as those hospitals never let you rest! I know those beds are so uncomfortable. I am sorry that you are still uncomfortable. I am hoping that pneumonia and fluid overload has improved for you. Lack of sleep can really affect you, maybe you can ask for something to help you sleep. Please be sure that you make your needs known to help prevent you from being so uncomfortable. know, we all rather just be at home.
          Hugs to you
            • Hi Jen and yes very true when we are in then hospital everyone would rather be home or anywhere but sick. I need to remember that ! Wise words. Thanks 🙂 and yes I do speak about how I am feeling. They truly are trying to help me. I just have a lot of medical issues at one time.
                • I am sorry, it is definitely tough on you when you have so much medically going wrong. Hugs and hope you are getting some relief by now.
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