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    • Hi Melissa,
      Welcome to the PH forums. I am glad that you found us here and I know that these forums will be a great place for support for you. I am a PH patient as well and am also using oxygen with activity and am supposed to be wearing it at night along with bipap. I read over some of your profile and see that you have Lupus as well. I bet the two of these are difficult to manage. What specialist takes care of your Lupus for you? Do they also work closely with your pulmonary doctor or are you seeing a PH specialist? Looking forward to getting to know you more and to have you contribute to the forums! Please let Colleen Steele (the other forum moderator too) or me know if you have any questions about the forums at all.
        • I have a rheumatologist that manages my lupus. He works closely with my pulmonologist to manage the lung diseases. Then I have a cardiologist that works with the pulmonologist on the PH. Thanks for the welcome!
            • I am glad your doctors seem to be working so well together. That really does make a huge difference in patient care! I make sure to have a team that is in close contact with each other and ones that aren’t afraid to speak up if they think there is a problem. That’s so important ! Glad to have you here on the forums. I know you will enjoy being a part of this community.
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