• Iivaroxaban (no antedote, but blood transfusion, plasma are options if near a hospital). I liked it because there were no food interactions. But I did get stomach upset (so had to take a PPI/to decrease stomach upset). I was always stressed that I’d get injured, worried about travel… but liked to eat anything whenever.
    When I was past my P…[Read more]

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    I use the app Stop, Breathe & Think when I am feeling pain/anxious/depressed… it has enabled me to refocus, calm – it’s free. I don’t have a budget to pay for anything. My health dept & benefits plan also have some free help/online apps to help with guided meditation. Those are free too.

  • Andrew – Being worked up for CTEPH, but CTED. More tests in May. I’m 49 yrs. yes, very active & used to do interval & cross training all the time to improve my cardio. I have just found that it’s what triggers my fatigue. I was chatting wi5 the physio& kinesiologist yesterday at my Rehab class. As I agree the best increase I used to see – were via…[Read more]

  • Good topic – I’m looking for FB too. I have started a rehab class x3/wk. I had only been doing Tai Chi & yoga for the 2 mos preceding. I am trying to figure out energy expenditure & post fatigue.
    My background is sport from kid age. 3 yrs ago we were training to go to Base camp & hike/bike/ climb/ski etc.
    2 yrs ago I got sick – Apr/16 ended in h…[Read more]

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