• Tony Wiley posted an update 2 months ago

    @shannon4jk Hi Shannon iam surprises you are not on med for PH their are some good med out their. When I was diagnosed they put me on med right AWAY now i walk 2-3 miles no restriction.

    • Tony,
      That is so awesome that you had that benefit from the medication. What medications are you taking if you don’t mind me asking? Some people with PH, like myself aren’t necessarily on medication for their PH because the underlying conditions causing the PH are being treated instead. For me, that’s a congenital heart defect and a breathing disorder caused by my central nervous system.
        • Hi Britanny my pressure was almost 100 now it is in the twenty iam on adempas, uptravi ,Ópusmit
          Triple Therphy on three med. I play 18 holes golf no problem. 66yrs old
        • Hi. PH is new for me. I have been ill my whole life with Autoimmune Diseases. I had Interstial Lung Disease many years before it developed into PH. I also have a blood disorder. It’s not as easy for me to just be put on a new medicine. It can cause all kinds of complicated problems with my other medicine and make things worse. I wish it was easier. Believe me. I would like to run or play golf. Sounds like a blast. Glad it’s working well for you. And ty Brittany you explain things better then me. 😉
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