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When dealing with pulmonary hypertension (PH), there are many elements that patients experience and need to account for — like following specific treatment plans, treating symptoms, and understanding risk status. Thus, patients may tend to get overwhelmed due to the many factors they have to deal with and understand.

In addition, many turn to different websites or podcasts as such outlets have allowed for increased awareness and control of PH outside of the clinic, but even then, finding the proper outlet that covers PH at a holistic and personal level can be difficult. Thankfully, PHpal, the mobile app provided by United Therapeutics, is a simple tool that PH patients can go to for many of their PH-related needs.

How PHpal Helps

For PH patients, understanding their condition can be the first step to feeling more in control of their condition. Knowing more about PH, patients can have increased confidence due to a better understanding of their condition, which may lead to a better dialogue with a patient’s care team and successful management of symptoms.

While increased knowledge of PH can be beneficial for PH patients, self-care can also be beneficial with disease management. Many PH resources fail to include features that patients can personally use to help manage their condition, but PHpal differs in this regard. From breathing and yoga videos, podcasts and self-tracking tools, PHpal allows patients to better care for themselves both now and in the future.

PHpal - Welcome Screen

PHpal: For These Times and for the Future

Self-care and self-management can be beneficial for PH patients which is why PHpal includes features that help patients physically or mentally. For example, PHpal allows users to assess their functional capacity and symptoms during physical exertion through the six-minute walk test, which can help when needing to better understand any changes in disease progression. PHpal also helps patients assess themselves in other areas through features like the:

  • Walk Self-Assessment
  • Mood Self-Assessment
  • Functional Class Self-Assessment
  • Parameters of Interest
  • My Journal

PHpal - MyPH


Having an increased knowledge of PH and easy access to self-care tools can enable PH patients to better understand PH, communicate effectively with their healthcare team, and be more in control of their condition. PHpal enables patients to do so with its features and provides a mobile solution that patients can look to for assistance in their PH journey.

PHpal is free to download for Android and iOS phones at

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