Explaining illness or surgeries to children

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      Brittany Foster

      I will be needing an upcoming surgery within the next few months. My nephew, who is almost 5, is starting to catch onto the conversations about the surgery. My family doesn’t hide much from him and is honest with him when he asks “where’s auntie B?” when I’m at the hospital. They always are sure to talk about all the “help and good care” I’m getting in the hospital and how it will make me feel better so I can come home. I haven’t had a major surgery like this when he was old enough to remember. I’m struggling with thinking about ways to explain surgery to a younger child.

      Does anyone have younger children/grandchildren/nieces/nephews/ etc that you had to explain the significance of a hospital stay or a surgery to? Any tips for explaining surgery and what they can expect afterwards as far as me not being able to play as much for the first few months after surgery? (we live in different houses but I still go there a lot and visit and play with him in the yard). Share your talks that you have had with children about these topics:

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