Are You Tired of Always Being Tired?

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      In this column, Pulmonary Hypertension News patient and writer, Brittany Foster, talks about PH and the fatigue that she faces as a result of the disease:

      “‘Why am I so tired?’ I ask myself at 10 in the morning, just a few short hours after waking up. I wish that I could say this was due to lack of sleep the night before, or from overexerting myself in the early hours of the morning. The only reason I have as to why I am so tired and feel so fatigued is that my body is fighting for itself every second of each day. It works overtime to keep me alive. The heart that is pumping blood through my body tries its best to make up for low blood pressure. My lungs work to retain enough oxygen and release carbon dioxide. My body is demanding a level of oxygen and nutrients that I’m currently getting through oxygen therapy.

      “My mind is fighting to stay positive amid the stress and worry that comes  with any illness. I ask myself, ‘Why am I so tired?’ This is why.

      “With pulmonary hypertension, tired is more than just coming home after a long day of work and stating, ‘I could use a nap, I’m exhausted.’ When I say, ‘I’m tired,’ what I really mean is that it is a challenge for me to even make it to my bed to take a nap. When I say, ‘I need to rest’, I know that when I wake up from napping, I won’t feel rejuvenated.”

      Read more about Brittany’s fatigue here: “Tired of Always Being Tired

      Do you feel tired all the time? Share your experience and your thoughts below.

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