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The ‘Spoonie’ Movement

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      If you’re active on the Internet, particularly in groups and forums related to chronic illness, you’ve definitely noticed the term “spoonie” being thrown around.

      Spoonie is a term coined by a chronic illness blogger, who used spoons to demonstrate how much energy a person with a chronic illness has each day, and how much is used up doing simple tasks like washing or getting dressed.

      Check out this video to learn more about this expression: What Is a ‘Spoonie’?

      As this video by Hot Pink Sun explains, the symbolism stuck and spoonie is now a widely used term for anyone who has a chronic illness. Can you relate to this term? Do you use it yourself?

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      Kathleen Sheffer

      I love the spoon theory! I wrote a column post about how it relates to my life: “Life with More Spoons”. It’s such a simple way to explain pulmonary hypertension and associated fatigue to my friends without going into all the details of the diagnosis.

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      Brittany Foster

      I agree! Something that is easy to explain to others instead of getting into all the medical terms that would most likely go over my friend’s heads lol! I also talk in terms of how much battery is left for the day or fuel. Like for example I’ll say something like “I’m running on E right now” and they get the hint that I’m completely wiped !

Viewing 2 reply threads
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