How Do You Handle Things When The Caregiving Tables Are Turned?

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      Colleen Steele

      As I mentioned in other topics, I have had my own share of health issues lately, GI concerns and now some sort of respiratory problem. It’s been a month of the tables being turned. I’m getting cared for as much as I’m still trying to care for others.

      When I came to after surgery a nurse told me that when I returned home I was to rest and not take care of anyone else but me. Still under the effects of anesthesia, I started giggling! Yes, I actually giggled and told her, “I don’t know if I know how to do that!”.

      I wrote about this experience in my recent column, “Turning the Tables on Caregiving”.

      As a caregiver, what has the experience been like for you when it was time to take care of your own health concerns?

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      Jen Cueva

      @colleensteele, I remember last week as you told Kev and me this story; it was funny. But I can so hear you saying that.

      You are the supermom and caregiver, plus an awesome advocate for those of us within the PH community. I must add a special friend to that, too.

      For me, this was the opposite. I was a nurse, the caregiver in my extended family., so my PH diagnosis was a struggle. Still today, I struggle with this, especially when I cannot do simple things, and Manny has to help.

      Currently, he is feeling under the weather, and so our tables are a bit turned. But because of my recent hospitalization and PH in general, he will not allow me to do as much for him. That’s him, and I see you being the same.

      I am so grateful that your boys are such awesome and caring young men. You should be so very proud of them both as I know you are.

      Excellent column, and we appreciate your vulnerability. Caregivers too often put themselves last when they should be a priority.

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        Colleen Steele

        @jenc thank you for the kind words. I wish I were half the woman you claim me to be. Trust me, I’m not super-anything but thank you for thinking of me that way.

        I feel for you and how PH turned the tables on you. But I still see the nurse and caregiver in your. You might not be able to physically help others in the way you wish you could, but the way you reach out to everyone with your caring voice and listening ears helps so many. You are really good at calming people and making them feel better after talking to you.

        I’m really worried about Manny. Please keep us updated.

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