Pulmonary Hypertension: Los Lunas Girl Battles PH


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Eliana Alderete is a 12-year old little girl from Los Lunas, Mexico that has been battling Pulmonary Hypertension since she was born. Eliana is like any other little girl; she likes to play, dance, run — even though all those simple tasks turn out to be very difficult for her.

Although Eliana suffers from PH, the sixth-grader has defied the odds and has no plans on giving up. Her condition isn’t hereditary or caused by another condition. She was born with the disease and the doctor told her parents, Lynsdi and Jake, that there wasn’t much hope.

According to a News Bulletin article, Eliana’s mom said that when she was pregnant with Eliana, they “went to a cardiologist and they saw something wrong with her heart but they just didn’t know what,” Lyndsi remembers. “After I had her, she spent two weeks in the NICU and they just sent us home. She was breathing like 80 times a minute, which is very slow. She couldn’t even drink her bottle because she couldn’t even catch her breath. They thought her lungs needed to develop and sent us on our way with oxygen.”


Learn more about Pulmonary Hypertension: http://bit.ly/1K4oewk

Read full story: http://bit.ly/1MMylMi

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