Pulmonary Hypertension: Kristie Lowe’s “I Need More Time” Story Song


In this 2013 video, Jenna Lowe, a bright, beautiful and courageous 18-year-old South African girl, was recently diagnosed with primary pulmonary hypertension; a rare and life-threatening illness for which essential medication is extremely expensive and much of the standard PH medication is not yet registered in South Africa. It is only with PH medication that the life expectancy of a PH patient can be extended.

To raise funds for Jenna’s much needed medication and create awareness for PH, Jenna and her younger sister, Kristi teamed up to create the hauntingly beautiful song “I Need More Time”.

Produced by South African Dance/ Pop duo “Good Luck”, written by Jenna Lowe and performed by her younger sister Kristi Lowe “I Need More Time” entered the iTunes (South Africa) Pop charts at No.3 on the 19th of June 2013 thanks to the efforts of South African media company Primedia (wide spread campaigns via KFM & Highveld 94.7) and South African record label Next Music.

Tragically, Jenna passed away on the 8th of June 2015. In her short life she made a massive social impact, most notably with her internationally acclaimed and award-winning Getmeto21 campaign that significantly increased organ donor registration in South Africa.

Learn more about pulmonary hypertension:  http://bit.ly/1K4oewk

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