Pulmonary Hypertension: How Do Stem Cells Work?

The Lung Institute has released this informative video explaining how stem cells can be taken from the patient’s own body and reintroduced to help promote healing and improve lung function.

Read the latest updates on pulmonary hypertension: http://bit.ly/1K4oewk

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  1. Julie Shrive says:

    Would be interested as also lipo-lymphoedema & spinal spasticity relating to weak heart pumping & spasms re CFS /fibro trigger points .A small Spina bifida was seen causing abnormal EEG & utis acute 3 weekly on chronic cellulitis & stable/unstable angina but because don’t show on tests suspect microvascular connection Have CPAP machine not preventing comotosing daily on ingestion.Dysponea is so bad on mobility scooters , rotators & stools as lifting & carrying effected .Possibly relates to genetic?MID Late Mother had severely especially cognitive & movement .Troponin found last test but ignored

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