15 Signs That Confirm You’re Definitely a Spoonie


A “spoonie” is a term used by people with chronic illnesses. It stems from lupus blogger Christine Miserandino who explained her lack of energy using spoons.

How do you know if you’re a spoonie? We’ve scoured the Internet for some examples of what it’s like to be a spoonie and how it affects everyday life.

1. Christine Langager told The Mighty that she needed to wake up extra early to give herself enough time to pep talk herself out of bed.

2. Katie Cupcake knows all about the fatigue that spoonies experience. She spends all day trying to keep her eyes open, only to not be able to sleep when she goes to bed.

3. On a sadder note, fibromyalgiatreatmentgroup.com says you know you’re a spoonie when your friends stop calling to see if you want to do things.

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4. Adam Johnson tells But You Don’t Look Sick that he knows he’s a spoonie because he needs a nap after he gets up and takes a shower.

5. Regular sized purses are a thing of the past for spoonshares.com. She now carries a Mary Poppins-sized carpet bag to haul her supply of meds around.

6. Having your doctor as your No.1 on speed dial definitely makes you a spoonie according to fibromyalgiatreatmentgroup.com.

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7. See your doctor more than your friends and family? This is Kisha Fleet’s definition of a spoonie for But You Don’t Look Sick.

8. Abodyofhope.com knows she’s a spoonie because she knows all the local pharmacists by their first names.

9. According to Linda Boyce, one sure-fire way to know you’re a spoonie is if your pill box is bigger than your lunch box.

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10. To-do lists are rarely finished, in fact as Canna Yamamoto says, you’re lucky if you can tick one thing off your list each day.

11. Budgeting energy is the theme of spoonies, Vicki Blank says she needs to budget hers just to take a shower.

12. Katie Cupcake knows she’s a spoonie because some days she considers brushing her teeth an achievement.

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13. The happyspoonieproject.nl sees some positives in being a spoonie and attributes her newfound love of crochet, knitting, and blogging to being a spoonie.

14. Having other people dismiss your illness and symptoms seems to be a common experience for spoonies, as fibromyalgiatreatmentgroup.com notes.

15. Pain is all too common for spoonies. Jackie Plumley tells But You Don’t Look Sick that she wakes each morning wondering what part of her body will hurt today?

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  1. Margaret McConnell says:

    It was affirming to know that I am not alone in not having enough energy to brush my teeth many days; thank you Katie Cupcake. I even joke by asking Anthony to take my all natural intact teeth and brush them for me. Some days all I want to do is sleep, have him bring me something to eat and grump about having to get up to go to the bathroom. As much as I love to take a bath in my Jacuzzi tub with all sorts of wonderful perfumed potions and wash my hair, getting out to sit on a towel to dry off and brush my towel dried hair out is all I can do. The blow dryer, tooth brush & paste, floss, mouthwash, facial lotion, deodorant are all there within reach but a lot of the time, when I have enough breath to call out, lol, I say either scampering or streaking before scurrying in to the bed room. Sometimes just putting on a muumuu or gown is more than I have the energy to do. Actually getting dressed and going out is an event. I usually sleep most of the next day and am tired for several days thereafter.

  2. Mary Jo Duffy says:

    It is so encouraging to know that I am not alone in this often very lonely world. My husband looks at me like I’m crazy when I say I don’t have the energy to take a shower. Besides having PH, I also have Fibromyalgia, Tethered Spinal Cord Syndrome and in remission from three different types of Cancer. Thank you for your post.

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