Treating Depression When You Have Pulmonary Hypertension


Life with pulmonary hypertension (PH) can be difficult and challenging, so it’s no wonder that many people living with the disease also suffer from emotional issues such as depression and anxiety.

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If you feel you’re not coping well emotionally, it’s important you speak to your healthcare team. Suffering from depression will only make living with pulmonary hypertension more difficult. As the Pulmonary Hypertension Association explains, the effects of stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, poor diet, and other depression-related symptoms will only exacerbate your PH symptoms.

There are healthcare professionals who can treat your depression. They can offer counseling and suggest lifestyle changes that can make life with PH easier, and if necessary, your doctor can prescribe medication. Picking the right therapist is important, as therapists often practice different treatment methods so don’t be afraid to ask how they work so you can pick one that best suits you and your personality.

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One comment

  1. Andrea Rice says:

    Haven’t had PH very long and do suffer from depression with Bipolar Disorder, PTSD post-traumatic stress disorder, and anxiety both of these after a severe trauma and now with PH.
    I see a nurse practitioner (not a psychiatrist) and she’s very good. She put me on Lotuda and while it works great I stopped taking it because it makes me so nauseated thereby eating crackers and drinking coke just to get some relief. So, without the extra boost of medicine for depression and not taking Lotuda my depression will be there no matter what drugs I take. I see 2 therapists one an individual and the other a family therapist and between the both of these 2 women they both agree having bipolar depression is worse without the extra medicine in there. I take Lithium for bipolar and yes it’s an old drug, been around a long time, but it works great 4 me. With PH I’m not depressed just feel cheated that it’s here and my body is in severe shape. So much so, I could die at any moment. Having PTSD makes me not care 2 much if I live or if I die. I wish the assisted suicide guy was still around because I might take his assistance. I don’t like the prolonging, the what if’s, met my first lung doctor and he was so surprised I didn’t take the route to take drugs and alcohol that so many apparently do. If I wanted to hide what I have and not deal with it, this route would work, but I prefer therapy because without honesty and getting real about myself I can’t go forward in a positive way. I remember my individual therapist asking me if I wear a mask when out and about in the world and then when I get home from work take it off, and at first confused then said no because 2 me this is a form of acting and if your gonna act one should get paid why do it for nothing, just a waste of time. I could never be good in acting because it’s hard enough 2 remember 2 be me then try 2 become someone else in a movie or a TV show sounds way 2 complicated. So, don’t worry about depression because if it shows up deal with it and get help thru your doctor, don’t suffer in silence, or choose suicide. I say it 4 me but I’m not ready 2 throw in the towel just yet. I also read a person suffering from PH has got to be strong-willed and a fighter and I am both. Suicide is the easy way out and it’s also a cowardly act 2 not exist anymore. I like existing I wonder what life could be without me being here. How many folks that know me would miss me being around? Don’t want to think of all those numbers. Thanks for listening.

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