30 Days of PH: I Work to Stay Busy and Active

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Day 16 of 30

This is Roger Bliss’s story:

When I was getting short of breath several years ago, I thought it was just from being out of shape and older. I am 68 now. At first, I was treated for COPD. I also have CLL/SLL cancer, which is a form of leukemia that makes my lymph nodes swell up, and celiac disease.

I own a trucking company. We haul gravel in the summer months here in Alaska, and work from mid-May till the end of October. Last November, my doctors discovered that my breathing problem was from pulmonary hypertension.

I made it through working the summer of 2020, but just barely. It got to the point last November where I would get out of breath just walking 30 feet. Last winter was rough.

By the spring, I was doing better after treatment, and went back to work. I had a few rough spots at the beginning of summer, as my cancer meds were causing internal bleeding but I started to improve once I got off of them.

My wife and I have pensions and we’re financially secure so I could retire. My wife retired in December 2020. She, along with my neighbors and friends who are also retired, keep busy doing projects around the house. I pretty much hate doing stuff like that. If I have a lot of time off, I turn into a “couch potato.” I know for sure that isn’t good for me.

I enjoy my job and plan to keep doing it as long as I can. It gets me out of the house and keeps me busy. Actually, it’s a pretty easy job. I just run around in circles in an overgrown pickup on steroids and pull a lever to dump items. One of my buddies has a saying, “If you keep moving, they can’t put you in a box.” Working is my way to keep moving!

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