30 Days of PH: Finding the Good That’s Come From the Bad

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A woman in a short black dress with long dark blonde hair stands beside a small girl.

Nicole with her daughter, Talitha. (Photo courtesy of Nicole Moores)

Day 26 of 30

This is Nicole Moores’ story:

There are many horrible things I can say about pulmonary hypertension (PH), but today I’ll share some of the good that’s come from my daughter’s diagnosis.

Talitha, my daughter, was diagnosed at just 3 years old. To say the least, that day was one of the most devastating of my life. Since I have only one child, Talitha is my world, and the thought of possibly losing her to this awful disease is absolutely crushing.

Throughout this journey, I’ve seen Talitha undergo multiple surgeries, procedures, and tests, overcoming everything with a strength and courage one can only admire. Talitha inspires me on so many levels that it’s almost surreal.

Once treatments began and our monthly checkups started, I realized so many things that could be better. PH is a rare disease with no real funding here in Alberta, Canada. We had one amazing doctor, but he wore many other hats, so there was a lack of support for PH families.

I decided to hold an annual fundraiser for a PH clinic in Alberta, hoping to help fund a team dedicated to PH patients and their families.

Talitha has inspired me to go out of my comfort zone and join her in the fight against PH, and with her by my side I feel I can do anything. We’ve raised over $1 million Canadian (about $746,970 in the United States), and we now have a PH team dedicated to our kids and families. This is a huge step in the right direction, which gives us hope.

Along the way we’ve also met some of the most beautiful people who walk in similar shoes, and they’ve become family. They can relate to how we’re feeling, and they’re always there to give advice or answer a question. I’m so thankful for these special relationships. To know we’re not alone means a lot!

We’ll continue our fight alongside our PHriends and PHamily and hope for an ultimate cure.

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