Coexisting Conditions Make Managing PH Even More Challenging

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by Jen Cueva |

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Managing pulmonary hypertension (PH) can be exhausting. Adding coexisting conditions makes it even more challenging.

Like me, many people struggle to manage multiple illnesses. In addition to PH, I deal with chronic kidney disease (CKD), iron deficiency anemia, and a few others. It can be overwhelming. Some say it is a full-time job and I would not argue with that.

The worst feeling is not knowing which disease or medication is causing my symptoms. The chest pain and palpitations may be related to my heart and PH, or symptoms of my anemia. The swelling and puffiness from fluid retention are symptoms of either my PH or CKD — or a combination of the two. The unrelenting fatigue is common among all of my illnesses. Lucky me.

Living with coexisting illnesses takes a toll physically and mentally. Deciphering which came first is difficult. I work hard to focus on what my body is telling me. Learning to listen to my body is a daily struggle. I know that when one organ is affected, a downward spiral in my overall health likely will follow.

Because I am dealing with more than one disease, I also have multiple specialists with multiple ideas on my medical team. Their opinions often clash, which is frustrating and confusing for me. Thankfully, all but one of my specialists work at the same hospital. It is crucial that I trust my medical team.

I often run into roadblocks when taking medications to help each disease and the side effects. A specific medication used to treat one disease is contraindicated with another. It is like a balancing act in a circus. Yep, some days I am the circus clown.

Most weeks, I have labs or appointments. It can be exhausting. I try to schedule appointments for certain days of the week, keeping Monday open in case I need to rest after a busy weekend.

If you or your loved ones are dealing with PH and coexisting illnesses, I encourage you to take it easy on yourself. Ask questions of your specialists. Make a list of medications or activities that helped or worsened each symptom. These little notes can help find the culprit, especially when managing coexisting illnesses.

Do you struggle as you try to manage your PH and coexisting conditions? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 


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Adriana Mares

Thank you for sharing, your article is very insightful as to how challenging it is to manage PH and coexisting conditions.

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Jen Cueva

Thank you for reading, Adriana. I am happy to hear that this was helpful for you managing PH and multiple illnesses. Please feel free to join us in the PH forums where you can meet others like me living with PH.

It’s easy to sign up and join in.

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Erika Ellis

Hi, I just got diagnosed with PAH and I already have Rheumatoid Arthritis , asthma, allergies, gerd, and recently survived pulmonary emboli in my left lung. So it is definitely going to be a challenge.

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Jen Cueva

Hi Erika,
I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis of PH. But, it sounds like you're experienced with medical issues. Do you know if your PH was caused by the blood clots? Managing multiple illnesses can be difficult but doable.

You may find our PH forums helpful, it's easy to sign up. You may benefit from the support there as a new PH diagnosis can be overwhelming.


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