Spring brings the power of renewal, which helps when living with PH

The seasonal change is an opportunity to feel the revitalizing power of nature

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by Jen Cueva |

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Nestled in my cozy swing chair on the patio, I’m soaking up the brisk wind that playfully tosses my hair. I’m listening to the sweet melody of my wind chimes, a thoughtful gift from my husband, Manny. Sunlight dances through the miniature stained-glass hot-air balloon atop the chimes. The color and light are like a beacon. The sun’s warmth and the gentle breeze announce spring’s arrival, a welcomed season of renewal.

Now that the rainy season is over here in Southern California, I’m thankful for the sun. Warmer temperatures bring the promise of more days spent at my sanctuary, the beach, where my soul feels most at peace. The sound of the ocean’s waves, the feel of the sand under my feet, and the revitalizing salty air are my ultimate reset button.

When battling pulmonary hypertension (PH), these types of moments aren’t only refreshing, they’re necessary. With its fresh start, April feels like nature’s reminder that there’s always room for renewal, no matter what our battles are.

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Maintaining a positive outlook and pacing myself

Living with PH is a journey marked by challenges and uncertainty. Yet, it’s during these times that remembering the power of a positive outlook and properly managing PH can truly make a difference.

Following a recent hospitalization, I’ve been reminded of the importance of pacing myself to prioritize my health. In addition to the joy I get from being in nature, I also know that my body craves rest. So I listen to it.

In today’s constantly connected world, it’s easy to forget the value of disconnecting and living in the moment. For me, that often means retreating to the beach. Manny and I find solace at the shore, even on a cloudy day.

On this particular day, we were lounging in the back of our Jeep, lulled by the sound of the sea. Had it not been for a pressing need to use the restroom, a side effect of my diuretics, I might have drifted off to sleep.

Self-care is essential

In my journey with PH and coexisting conditions, the importance of self-care and tuning in to what my body needs has never been more evident to me than it is now.

If life’s hustle and bustle are weighing you down, consider spending some time in nature. You might be surprised by the clarity and rejuvenation that it brings. Remember that for us PH patients, prioritizing our health isn’t only important, it’s essential. Take time to disconnect, recharge, and discover a newfound appreciation for the outdoors.

As we move through April and its vibrant tapestry of life and warmth, let it be a beacon of resilience and hope. Let the season of renewal invigorate our bodies and souls. This will help us on our most challenging days.

In the ever-evolving garden of life, may we find strength, perseverance, and hope blooming all around us. It reminds us that growth and renewal are always within reach, even when facing adversity. As we journey through this season of transformation, let’s allow spring to infuse our spirits with new energy, and light the way forward.

What are you doing to reset this spring? Please share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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Carol Volckmann

Jen, love your post "Spring brings the power of renewal". So beautifully expressed in your writing. Thank you for the reminder. I am going out to the garden right now, fill the bird feeders, the bird 🐦 bath and fertilize the flower 🌼 beds and grass. Happy April! 🤗❤️

Jen Cueva avatar

Jen Cueva

Hi Carol, oh the fresh air of Spring! I can envision you out in your beautiful garden filling your bird feeders and soak up the fresh air! I know you will enjoy spending time out there a ton as the temps warm.

Thanks so much for taking time to read my column and leave such wonderful feedback. Happy April, now almost May, my sweet PHriend.


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