Hi folks and thanks so much for your support and suggestions.  I have read all of the info passed on by Jen re:anti-inflammatory diets and found some excellent suggestions.  I especially like the “dark chocolate in moderation” part : )  I have worked with a dietician in reference to keeping my congestive heart failure under control but I think I need to take the next step to focusing additionally on inflammation control.

All of you are dealing with challenges every day just like me that many folks just don’t understand or recognize.  I watch people going for a nice long walk and feel sorry for myself because I can’t go two blocks without panting like a steam engine.  I’m really looking forward to our community pool re-opening in late May because water exercise is the very best thing in the world for my breathing, inflammation, and weight.

So . . . enough whining for now.  Hubby still doing great . . . his body has served him in an amazing way and we are so very grateful.  I am working on my head to get started on a better food plan for me and I’m expecting that I will see some good results.  I’m also working at getting my positive attitude back . . . pushing past the fatigue . . . laughing a lot . . . just appreciating being alive.  Be well everyone and know that I truly appreciate the help from this forum.  Wish we could all meet each other.  So long for now from the mountains of western North Carolina.

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