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      Colleen Steele

      Has anyone experienced blurred vision or other eye problems that has been connected as a symptom of your PH or to one of your medications? If so, please share your experience and what is being done to help monitor and prevent the issue from developing further.

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      Vanessa Vaile

      My blurred vision experience was before diagnosis and never particularly associated with it either but with cataracts operated on before diagnosis.

      It could be hard to pin down and connect the symptom to PH since there are so many other causes that could co-exist with PH. On top of that, many if not most of us are at least one medication that lists blurred vision as a side effect. References to blurred vision as a symptom appear too, although less frequently than the usual suspects.

      I also found a few journal articles associating conditions causing blurred vision and PAH:

      Bilaterally dilated episcleral vessels in patients with heritable pulmonary arterial hypertension” in the Journal of General and Family Medicine (via NCBI Resources)

      Article in JAMA, “Ophthalmologic Diagnosis of Exacerbation of Idiopathic Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension” (2012)

      Today I blame mine on the high pollen count (local allergy alert)– albeit no doubt aggravated by both Tadalafil and PH.

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      Colleen Steele

      Thanks for sharing those articles Vanessa! It kind of gives you an idea of what doctors would be looking for in a PH/vision connection. Just like you my son has had problems with blurred vision and his eyes sight worsening over the years but it has not been connected to PH or his medications. He’s had thorough eye exams and it appears his problems are just natural decline and hereditary, since poor vision runs in our family.

      You are so right about it being hard to connect the a symptom with PH. Whether it be vision or something else, not everything will be related to the disease but it’s always good to as the doctor, have tests done and do research.

      The high pollen is so bad right now! My whole family is struggling with bad allergies right now. I hope you feel some relief from it soon!

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      Pah Gary

      I too have had a bit of eye problems. I am 58 year old male and the why it was explained to me is,because I am a male and have more and larger veins than a female I have a rare condition that mimics CSR,(Central Serious Retinopathy). This diagnoses was from Dr Haddock of the Bascum Palmer Eye Institute, in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. I was diagnosed with CSR with Glaucoma at the local eye dr’s office in June 2018. At that time I had a RHC done as I had failed a 6 MWT, in May. My Pulmonary Artery Pressure was 100/44, with a mean of 63 mmHg. As of this month May 2019, Dr Haddock has come up with this conclusion that because of my high pressure in my pulmonary artery, the pressure also increased in all of my upper body arteries, with my eyes being affected by this pressure causing fluid into my pupils and distorted vision. I was placed on Remodulin IV as of July 2018, on which I have greatly improved my 6 MWT, to this day my eye site has greatly improved. Bascom Palmer is part of the University of Miami Health, a teaching hospital, and Dr Haddock had all of his Fellows research this issue.

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      Colleen Steele

      Thank you Pah @pahgary for sharing your personal experience on this topic! It’s helpful to hear that your doctor made the PH and eye connection with you and that upon treating the PH progression your eye sight improved! That is good news and provides hope for others. If you happen upon any results of the research the Fellows participated in please feel free to share it with us. It would be interesting to learn more about their findings.

      That must have been a difficult time for you dealing with the PH progression and having your eye sight effected. You mentioned that your 6 minute walk test improved. That is great! How are you feeling now? I hope the Remodulin has continued to make improvements on your health.

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      Colleen Steele

      This article on vascular damage in PAH is on our PH News home page today. It correlates with what we have been discussing here. I think you will find it informative.

      Blood Vessel Changes in the Eyes Linked with Lung Vascular Damage in PAH, Study Finds


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      Vanessa Vaile

      Thanks @colleensteele ~ very interesting article. In the interest of broader PH awareness, I’m going to share it with my ophthalmologist — the more awareness the better.

      This isn’t the only PH/PAH article of note from the ATS conference, so check out the right sidebar for more.

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