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      Brittany Foster

      Even though I wouldn’t necessarily consider what I do at BioNews “work” , I am fortunate to be able to write a column and moderate a forum even with a chronic illness. Working from home gives me the advantage of not having to cancel on work last minute, helps me still feel like I have some purpose, and gives me motivation to push forward with my day.

      I know there are other types of work from home jobs out there and a lot of my friends are into selling products online and getting some type of income from that. There are also jobs online that I have looked into (but just wouldn’t be able to guarantee the time commitment right now) like online teaching to students in other countries. (I am an elementary and special education certified teacher).

      Do you have any work from home jobs? Do you make income while staying at home, doing something online, or having an online business?

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      Nathan Young

      I think that its great that you can work from home and write columns for Pulmonary Hypertension News. I enjoy reading both yours and Kathleen Sheffer’s columns even though I don’t always read them right away. Like you I work from home and I have considerable knowledge in this area as I have been working from home since 1998 long before being diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension.

      For newly diagnosed patients regardless of whether they have pulmonary hypertension or some other debilitating condition often find that they have to leave their current jobs. However, that doesn’t mean a person can’t work. If you’re like me I would go crazy if I didn’t keep myself busy as I would end up sitting around the house doing nothing but stressing and worrying about my condition which is not healthy for anyone.

      I personally believe that patients with any debilitating condition should work from home or find something that they enjoy doing as it keeps their mind healthy and reduces anxiety about their condition.

      Today anyone of any age can work from home and you don’t necessarily need to have any special skills as all you need is a computer and an internet connection. I know by now you’re probably thinking okay but what can I do to make some money and keep my mind busy. The answer to that will vary from person to person. When people ask me that question, I usually ask their hobbies or interests are as the things you can do working from home are literally endless.

      I started out in drop shipping selling on eBay and when Amazon launched, I began selling on both eBay and Amazon. The nice thing about drop shipping is you don’t have to carry any inventory as when someone buys a product that you are selling you turn around and send the order to the manufacturer or distributor so that they can fill the order and send it to your customer for you. The products that I sold were children’s toys and clothing. I eventually started selling adult toys, and lingerie. I know for most people that sounds like an odd mix of products. However, if you think about it if you have a customer who buys adult toys from you the chances of them coming back to buy children’s toys, furniture and clothing are extremely high for obvious reasons No Pun Intended ;-).

      Even though I made a comfortable living selling stuff on eBay and Amazon I don’t do much of it anymore as I enjoy teaching people how to do it as I find it relaxing and I get satisfaction knowing that I’m helping someone do something they might not have ever had the chance to do otherwise.

      However, there are other ways to make money working from home which can include:

      Affiliate Marketing
      Creating your Own eBook or Digital Product
      Social Media Management
      Writing Columns
      Drop Shipping
      Selling Crafts, Art or Photos if You have any of those skills

      If none of that interests, you there are a lot of Fortune 500 companies that will hire people to work remotely. Some of these companies include Xbox, Apple, Hertz, Amazon.com, American Express, American Airlines, AT&T, Century Link, Hilton, HSN (Home Shopping Network) and list goes on as these are only a few of the companies that hire people to work from home and they all pay regular hourly wages plus benefits just like you would get if you worked onsite.

      In addition, if you have an insurance license, ICD9 coding experience, Nursing experience, or Under Writing there are also a lot of jobs you can work from home and make very good incomes from.

      While I won’t go into everything that is listed above, I will cover vlogging as most people have never heard of it let alone understand how you can make money with it. Everyone these days has heart of YouTube as it’s basically a house hold brand that is just as well-known as Netflix, VUDU, Walmart or IKEA. However, what most people don’t know is that you can make money posting video’s that you create on YouTube.

      If you have ever seen a YouTube video and you probably have you are probably familiar with those annoying ads that are on almost every video on YouTube. Most people think they serve no purpose other than to annoy us force us to waste a little time watching a short ad before playing the video that you are trying to see. I agree they can be annoying but for the vlogger each ad view can mean a profit of anywhere from $0.05 to $0.25 cents each time the ad is viewed or played which is usually at the beginning of the video you are trying to watch. I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but when you have a video that gets viewed 500,000 to 1,000,000 views or more the money adds up quickly. So quickly that there are people who make a very nice living doing nothing but creating videos.

      Let’s face it we have all seen those videos of people’s pets or kid doing something extremely cute or funny that goes viral almost overnight. However, you can make a good living doing a wide variety of videos to post on YouTube. There is a father and son duo who makes a cool $1,000,000 per year doing nothing but dumb science projects. There is a now 8-year-old with his own YouTube channel called Ryan’s World who makes $11 million per year reviewing a wide variety of toys and he has become so popular that he struck a deal with Walmart for his own toy line with the same name as his channel.

      However, it doesn’t stop there Roman Atwood makes $12 million per year by uploading prank videos. However, the list of people that have made lots of money on YouTube doesn’t stop there. All you need to do the same is a video camera a cell phone can work, a YouTube account, and a Google AdSense account since it will be Google that pays you the big bucks. If you don’t know what Google AdSense it’s is a platform that companies and other business owners use to advertise their products or services to the masses. Google will pay YouTubers and bloggers money for placing ads on their video’s or blogging website. Google will charge a company anywhere from $0.25 to $20.00 per ad that gets viewed on your video or blog. Google will pay bloggers for displaying those ads on their content. Google will make most of the ad revenue for each view but if you have a video that gets 500,000 to 1 million views or more will make you a very nice profit quickly.

      I could write a 200-page book on making money online or working online as I have a wide variety of experience with working from home, I won’t go into everything here. The point of me writing this was to let other pulmonary hypertension patients know that even though they have a debilitating condition that can still work from home and feel like they are doing something meaningful regardless of what type of work or opportunity they choose or regardless of how little or how much they make doing it.

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        Brittany Foster

        Hey Nathan,
        Thank you for all of the great feedback and suggestions ! I really agree with what you said here, “I personally believe that patients with any debilitating condition should work from home or find something that they enjoy doing as it keeps their mind healthy and reduces anxiety about their condition.” It’s so true. I would go “crazy” if I didn’t have something to do during the day, even if it’s my writing and the forums that I’m doing. Finding something to do with my time during the day just gives me a sense of purpose so it doesn’t seem like my life is all about doctor’s appointments and the “next thing” . I feel like people’s minds (especially mine) begins to wander when I’m not doing much or feel like I’m not contributing to much. I have always been one that needs to be on the go so staying in one place for too long can feel very claustrophobic to me.

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      I wish I could find one, to be honest though, with my sleep issues and up and down health of my PAH and CTEPH, I really don’t have the energy to do focused work all the time. To keep busy I read and research topics that fascinate me. I also help my family with any CPU based things they need to do. What bothers me most is that I can’t seem to do the housework as well or for as long as I am accustomed to in my life. So this has become a problem with family members as it appears to them that I just don’t care or won’t help with cleaning. It is tough enough for me to clean my own rooms and bathroom. The rest of the house seems like it’s an afterthought…

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        Brittany Foster

        I can totally relate to that ! When I am cleaning my apartment (even though it is only 5 rooms) I always break it down into rooms that I designate one day at a time so I don’t expect too much from myself or don’t have that “let down” feeling when I can’t do it. I usually pick 1 thing that’s easy to clean like the kitchen and another that’s harder to clean like the bathroom and do those two on the same day so I don’t feel overworked ! Even though getting a proper clean to ANY room can be such a chore !

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      I just saw these posts and relate so much! I’m so fortunate to be able to work from home in healthcare as I worked as a nurse prior to several cardiac illnesses (pretty rare in healthcare!) so I’m so thankful for this! I can adjust my hours per day as I need to and am only expected to travel to the community I’m working with once every 6-8 weeks. But I only have 1-2 meetings when I go there and work puts me up in a hotel as I would be too exhausted to drive there and back in one day. It’s been a huge blessing – I can’t agree more Brittany when you said that being able to work helps you to “feel like I have some purpose, and gives me motivation to push forward with my day.” It’s amazing how important feeling like you are contributing and helping is so important. Unfortunately, I know that it can be hard to find meaningful work from home for many people – and it shouldn’t be this way!

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        Brittany Foster

        I agree Cheryl. There are so many companies that should take advantage of doing things online. I believe that all public schools should also hire online tutors and teachers for children who may be enrolled in those schools that can’t go to school for medical reasons. Or just children with medical conditions in general who can’t go to a public school or even private school setting. I know there are some children in the heart community where the risk of infection is just too high and they have to end up home schooling their children. I feel like the public school system should have online teachers too. I know they have tutoring and ESL teachers in other countries that work from home as a teacher and can create their own hours. This is something that I have looked into. I’m fortunate to be able to work for BioNews now and they have really taught me the importance of finding purpose through the work I do and the power in helping others fighting the same battles

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