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      Brittany Foster

      Those with lung conditions are more susceptible to infections, especially ones involving the lungs or upper respiratory system. I am no stranger to these types of infections and sometimes they come out of nowhere. These respiratory infections flare up into uncontrollable coughing that leaves me feeling more short of breath and exhausted. I have had recurring bronchitis for the past two years at least once a month or once every other month.

      The symptoms I experience with this are coughing, spit or mucus when coughing, awful burning in the chest, tightness in the muscles in my chest and neck, and lower than usual oxygen levels. Nothing seems to help it, even the inhalers that I take. I am prescribed something for the chest pain and cough like codeine with Robitussin and an antibiotic.

      Usually with bronchitis, it is viral and in a “healthy person” it can run its course. But, because of my low lung function of 27%, my PH team does not mess around when it comes to something that could decrease this lung function further. Usually the antibiotics clear it within a few days, but the days that I have it are tiring, depressing, and painful.

      Have you experienced recurring respiratory infections? What is contributing to these infections? What are your symptoms when you get them? How is it usually treated?

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