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      Brittany Foster

      After getting out of the hospital a few weeks ago for my feeding tube, I have been receiving home health care from a nurse at least once a week. The company that I am working with really has been great so far. They first came in to evaluate my needs. When they first arrived they looked at my list of medications and medical conditions and thought that I was going to be a lot less independent than I am. On paper, I look like a “hot mess”. but in person some days you would never know what I am going through from looking at me.

      The home health company will assess my symptoms, listen to my lungs, check vital signs, go over pain management with me, help advocate for me and talk with my doctors about concerning symptoms or new findings, and they help me take care of my feeding tube and check for signs of infection.

      This helps to alleviate some of my anxiety around making sure I am managing my health because it puts that responsibility on someone else besides me. It also really anxiety around advocating for my health and my needs.

      Have you received home health services such as a home nurse? What did they do for you to help manage your conditions? How were they beneficial for you either mentally or physically?

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      Kaye Norlin

      Yes, both times after lengthy hospitalizations. The first one was just to see what the needs were; since my daughter has a disability, we have all the stuff needed. After my transplant, I had home health for 30 days; they deemed I was too healthy to continue. They did check vitals, did PT and OT, massage, etc. They did help. The PT stayed on afterwards to do massage and I paid her for a while.

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        Colleen Steele

        Thanks for sharing Kaye. Did you agree with them that 30 days was enough or would you have likes to maintain home health for longer. My son’s transplant was out of state and we had to live near that hospital for 3 months post transplant. I think it’s standard that the first 3 months post transplant are the most critical and monitored…I wonder if you could have argued that point. PT really helps so I can understand your paying to keep that going.

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          Brittany Foster

          Hey Colleen,
          Did he get nursing care for the first few months or even after that too? What types of things did they monitor for him post transplant? Was it someone who was around the majority of the day or was it just for an hour or two? I know people who have had home nurses stay with them majority of the day while their parents had work to help care for them/ make sure there weren’t any falls etc.

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        Brittany Foster

        I was discontinued services after 30 days too but I didn’t feel like I was ready. Even though I was managing a lot of my care independently, it still helped to have someone come in and check on my vitals, listen to my lungs, etc. It just took some of that stress off of myself.

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