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      According to the Cleveland Clinic, pulmonary hypertension is rare pulmonary disease, which is why knowing the signs and symptoms of PH is key to early diagnosis and treatment.

      Click here to learn the basics of PH.

      Which early signs and symptoms of PH did you miss before you were diagnosed? Do you wish you had been diagnosed sooner?

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      C. Todaro

      I suddenly couldn’t swim 25meters (1 length of a pool) without becoming winded. Prior to that I could swim 200+ meters.

      Climbing the stairs felt like climbing a steep hillside.

      Coughing. Lots of couching. And a sore chest/ back.

      My bras all felt too tight no matter the material or bandwidth.

      Dizziness and lightheadedness are generally part of my day now.

      A L W A Y S TIRED 😛

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        Brittany Foster

        I know the feeling as if it all seems to happens so suddenly. I went from being a varsity athlete in high school with “exercise asthma” for years to one day passing out at the gym and completely losing consciousness for what seemed like forever. hills and walking up stairs is tough for me. My pulmonary doctors actually have stairs as part of a test to check oxygen levels and my levels dropped to 80% so quickly (a little under a minute of me climbing). Definitely share all of these symptoms with your doctors. They are scary symptoms to experience and uncomfortable, but having some sort of explanation for why you feel the way you do may provide you with some relief and hopefully a game plan for how to make you feel better and better manage this.

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      Hi All ,
      In my late years { 2015 } I went from DX. of COPD but fully able to do for myself and take care home / gardens as well as an older brother > 11 day hospital stay with pneumonia > being severely limited in my abilities with all ADLs .
      Primary care DR. did not look for reason , only when I finally went to a pulmonary DR. was testing done for DX. of PH . He put me on a puffer called Bevespi but have had to discontinue due to cost . DuoNeb and O2 keep me going .
      I no longer look for a magic bullet but am so thankful to have a reason for as to why I am as I am .
      Blessings to all .

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        Brittany Foster

        I can relate to the feelings of being “thankful’ to have some type of diagnosis. It is so frustrating to be in the stages where all of these symptoms are going on without some type of explanation. I am also on nebs and o2 and am thankful to have some type of treatment for this especially for the hypoxia and low oxygen that has been causing many of the symptoms for me. I’m glad that they were able to get answers for you and I hope the treatments that you are on are keeping you stable. 🙂

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      Jo Ann Brafford

      I am newly diagnosed with mild pulmonary hypertension. I had a heart cath to diagnose. The cardiologist brushed it off and left the room. Can anyone give me any in site to what mild means?

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      C. Todaro

      Yikes. Your cardiol needs to work on his/ her bedside manner.
      I’m newly dx’ed and have begun referencing this site as well as reading a book “Pulmonary Hypertension: A Patient’s Survival Guide”. I hope you get things sorted. Consider seeing a Pulmonologist if your Cardiol is dismissive of your concerns.

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