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      Brittany Foster

      “The older I get, the more I relate on a spiritual level to Mike the Situation from “Jersey Shore” trying to force his head through a concrete wall in Italy.” Serena Lawrence newest column “So, How Are Your 30s Going” states.


       Although it always feels like you just got slammed in the head when receiving bad news, there are things that help to ease the physical and emotional toll this takes.

      I find comfort in getting support from those who truly care about me. It’s a crucial part of my illness to have people there for me when I feel like pulling a “Mike the Situation”. Talking it out and feeling understood sure beats taking it out on a wall.


      With this illness there a lot on unknowns. Serena states, “I don’t know how much a medication will help me. I don’t know which treatments will be available in the future, and I don’t know how my body will recover.” I deal with this feeling often and the unknown can be extremely unsettling. It brings up fears, worries, and lots of anxiety for me.


      Even through the bad news, the appointments, medications, procedures, oxygen use, I still need to leave room to live life and do things like go on vacations and stay up late with friends some weekends. Having some “normalcy” helps my mental health and keeps me from feeling trapped and ready to force my head through walls !


      How do you deal with bad news and the unknowns of living with PH? What are some ways you keep some feeling of “normalcy”? What are some obstacles you face trying to “keep up” with others your age/peers?

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