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      Jen Cueva

      With the new year and the chaos around us, we need to celebrate the little victories. Little wins each day are what make a difference.

      The sunshine has been out every day this week. I’m sending it to all who need that extra boost of Vitamin D.

      So, what went right for you this week? I’ll start. This morning, my oxygen saturation was 92% after waking up and waiting a while. This was without my oxygen. That’s why I waited since I used it all night. It’s been in the high 80s, so this is my weekly win. I’m elated, although I know it can fluctuate throughout the day.

      Let’s celebrate together!

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      Jen Cueva

      How’s everyone doing this week?

      I know many of you can relate. Mine, unfortunately, was short-lived, but that’s OK. I consider it a win either way. This week I am back in the 80s when my PH team prefers I use my oxygen 24/7. But I know it will continue to fluctuate, as I mentioned from day to day- some days throughout the day.

      I’ve been walking Sasha, our mini schnauzer, twice per day M-F while Manny is working. We don’t walk far, but it’s much more than I was doing before. We had a big yard in Texas that I would just let her out. That worked well, especially when I didn’t feel like moving and going outside. But here in the condo, we have to walk to her several times per day. So, I’m getting more exercise, which is a win for me.

      Have you rested more and listened to your body this week? Read any good books or watch any good movies that you’ve enjoyed?

      Where are your wins this week?

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      Colleen Steele

      @jenc I didn’t know you dropped into the 80’s this week. Getting exercise is good but on days like this I bet it takes will power to take your dog for a walk. Maybe there is a teen or someone your know who you can have on call to take Sasha for walks when you are having a bad day?

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      Jen Cueva

      Hi @colleensteele, thanks for that suggestion. I also know there is an App called Rover and probably others for things like this. I know Rover is for dog walkers, boarding, sitting, etc.

      I have yet to see many teens in my condo community. Mostly are younger kids. I know of one, and he is in high school, plays sports, and works, so he isn’t available.

      Thanks for your thoughtfulness, but I did walk Sasha twice yesterday. The afternoon walk was cut short as I noted I had increased SOB. But, I was using my oxygen and increased it to 5L while walking. This goes with @dawnt’s question, too, about raising our oxygen flow rate.

      How are you doing @colleensteele this week? Has your RA flare-up eased any for you? What weekly wins can you share? How are your parents? Is mom using the chairlift yet?

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        Colleen Steele

        @jenc my RA is doing a little better. When the temps drop at night and early morning I start to ache really bad again but ibuprofen has been helping.

        My week’s win this week was finally getting Cullen to Seattle for his ECHO stress test he was supposed to have over a month ago. He has an appointment with his cardiologist in February and I’m sure she will go over the results in more detail than what we read in MyChart. It looks like his heart is doing well. Perhaps a little wear and tear but not anything that they felt the need to immediately call him about.

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          Jen Cueva

          Hi @colleensteele, I’m grateful that you’re getting a little relief with your RA. But, I know my pain is worse when it is damp, wet, or cold. So, I’m sorry that you are having those flares. Does this usually continue all winter for you, then?

          Yay for getting Cullen’s stress Echo done. I hope and pray that you have a positive report when you follow up. But reading on his chart is helpful, although I know it’s not definite. Please keep us posted as you learn more.

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