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      I’m curious what other people’s subtler aide effects are of PH? When you read online it only says stuff that’s common sense and serious like chest pain, not being able to breath, etc. It doesn’t talk about smaller stuff. So for me I sleep lots, my feet are purple a lot, I feel like I breathe shallow and I get heaviness in my chest. What about you?

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      Brittany Foster

      My “less dangerous” side effects for me would be throbbing veins in my legs, hand swelling, migraines and headaches. I would definitely mention even the “small symptoms” to your medical team too. Because you shouldn’t have to suffer with small symptoms when you have big ones that you’re battling every day.

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      Jimi Mcintosh

      Sudden dizziness, floaters in your vision, swelling of hands, face and legs every morning. Sensitivity to certain foods, scents, rapid elevators.
      Fainting spells and throat restrictions. Keep a journal on these small symptoms, note any new meds, especially foods eaten before onset

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        Brittany Foster

        Great suggestions about the journal Jimi. It is important to keep track of your health and changes in symptoms and a log of what was done before the onset of symptoms (like eating, exercising, stress level etc.) All of these things can certainly make things worse for the body. If the body feels like it’s under too much stress either physical or emotional, it shows it in certain ways ! It’s up to us to acknowledge these signs and pay attention to them.

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