Analytics 4 Life, Actelion Testing Non-invasive Diagnostic Tool CorVista for PH

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Analytics 4 Life and Actelion Pharmaceuticals have announced a collaboration agreement to test CorVista as a potential cardiac imaging technology for the diagnosis of pulmonary hypertension (PH).

CorVista is a non-invasive diagnostic application that uses Phase Space Tomography to measure cardiac patterns, and to discover irregularities indicative of heart disease. The strategy combines mathematics, physics, and machine-learned algorithms to transform cardiac pattern outputs into digital data that can be analyzed by specialized physicians.

Current diagnostic procedures for PH include right heart catheterization, an invasive procedure that directs a catheter to the heart through an artery or vein.

Analytics 4 Life and Actelion (one of the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson that specializes in rare diseases) aim to improve PH diagnosis with CorVista, providing a more efficient alternative than the current options.

With CorVista, by analyzing resting phase signals from the heart, physicians can diagnose PH without the need for radiation, induced heart-rate acceleration, or the injection of contrast agents (a substance that improves visibility of, for example, blood vessels).

CorVista has already been successfully tested in a clinical study, assessing over 2,600 patients with coronary artery disease. Now, the companies have started clinical studies with 500 patients to test it as a potential diagnostic tool for PH.

“Today marks a significant milestone for the company as we embark on a new disease state to study,” Don Crawford, chief executive officer at Analytics 4 Life, said in a press release. “We look forward to collaborating with Actelion to expand research of our CorVista platform into pulmonary hypertension.”

Analytics 4 Life, CorVista’s developer, became part of JLABS @ Toronto, one of Johnson & Johnson Innovation’s life science incubators, in January 2017.

“As a resident in the space, we have benefited from a rich ecosystem of cardiovascular medical device development and expertise,” said Shyam Ramchandani, PhD, vice president of research at Analytics 4 Life.

“We clearly see how our machine-learning work in coronary artery disease can be leveraged in pulmonary hypertension. This new research expansion exemplifies the growth of Analytics 4 Life, as well as the advancements in healthcare solutions being fostered at Johnson & Johnson Innovation, JLABS,” Ramchandani said.

CorVista is currently restricted by federal law for research purposes only, and is not yet commercially available.