PHA Launches New Awareness Campaign, Site, and App

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PHAware_HistoryThe Pulmonary Hypertension Association (PHA) has launched a new campaign to raise attention about pulmonary hypertension (PH), called PHAware. The main purpose of the campaign is to reach the general public, news media, and potential donors in order to expand their exposure, both nationally and internationally. One of the most important initiatives of the new campaign is the launch of, which is both a website and social media hotspot, came online October 15th and is expected to gather and promote all of the PHA’s outward facing messaging. But the association is also launching the PHAware app for Android, iPhone, iPad and Kindle, which puts “PHA in your pocket,” as the association says. The announcement comes days before the start of Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness Month in November, which will be full of activities with the same purpose.

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The new app enables users to connect all of the association’s social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest Feeds, as well as take, tag, and share photos from anywhere in the world. Informational material is also available through the PHAware’s PSAs, YouTube channel videos, and PHAware’s Podcasts. In addition, it is also possible to search and find local PHA fundraising events, donate funds to help support PH research, or look for events for PH Awareness Month and World PH Day by using the hashtag #PHAware.

The PHA remains dedicated to finding new ways of informing and educating people on PH. Therefore, the association plans to use messages in pharmacies, supermarket checkouts, gas station TVs, ATMs, hospital and pediatrician TVs, sport arena jumbotrons, billboards, and other advertising formats to tell the story of PH patients. They believe that this new initiative is an opportunity draw more attention to the disease.

One of the prominent figures of the campaign is Steve Van Wormer, a PHA Board member whose child, Lucas, was diagnosed with PH when was only four years old. Ever since, Van Wormer has been engaged in raising global awareness and finding a cure for it. The board member is responsible for having created the PHA’s public service announcements (PSAs), which are transmitted via more than 11,500 TV and radio stations across the country, thanks to the Tom Lantos Innovation in Community Service Award.

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“I wanted to do something so that more people know about this disease,” said Van Wormer, who is working in collaboration with Marie Mascia-Rand, Director of Community Engagement for PHA’s Greater New York and Philadelphia Chapter, who was responsible for managing Van Wormer’s PSAs that aired on television in New York City taxicabs. “The PSAs have really taken off and now we can do even more.”

But it doesn’t end there. Marie Mascia-Rand, Director of Community Engagement for PHA’s Greater New York and Philadelphia Chapter, has leveraged her connections and relationships in the New York City area to create some amazing exposure for PHA. Because of her efforts, PHA’s PSAs have aired on the TVs in New York City taxicabs – yielding nearly one million impressions during a spring two-week run. In August, the newly branded PHAware PSA Campaign appeared in Philadelphia taxicabs.

“My daughter was a warrior in the early stages of this disease and in her honor I am committed to finding a cure,” reports Marie Mascia-Rand. “When Steve said his goal was to capture every screen, we took it very seriously. January will also bring a new print campaign on New York City taxicab topper billboards… and there is more to come!”


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