Stethoscope With Visual Murmur Indicator Can Help Diagnose PH

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by Patrícia Silva, PhD |

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The ViScope MD – photo courtesy of HD Medical, Inc.

Patients with pulmonary hypertension exhibit a number of symptoms that often lead physicians to believe the problem is confined to the lungs, making PH one of the most misdiagnosed, potentially life-threatening diseases today. Some patients bear with their debilitating symptoms for years, thinking it’s a lung condition such as COPD, before they are finally rushed to the emergency room and diagnosed with heart failure. To address the need for a more comprehensive means of assessing for cardiopulmonary affectations, a California-based medical device company has created a breakthrough stethoscope.

HD Medical, Inc. recently conducted a demo of its latest innovation — a visual stethoscope called ViScope MD. It is the first stethoscope of its kind and features a groundbreaking Murmur-Signal Wave display, which shows up in an integrated screen to help health professionals perform dynamic auscultations. With the ViScope MD, one can both hear and see in real-time. ViScope MD and its predecessor, ViScope, are the first stethoscopes in the world to be able to sync with a software to properly document auscultated data, which better facilitates patient reports and analyses for both health management and education.

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“HD Medical’s ViScope MD is uniquely capable of determining the presence of a murmur during early screening,” said Muthu Krishnan, Senior Vice President of Business Development, HD Medical, Inc. “This capability ensures patients can receive early intervention before irreversible pulmonary hypertension or heart failure intervenes.”

Heart murmurs are characteristic signs of turbulent blood flow in cardiovascular structures. They can alert a physician to a stenosed artery, malfunctioning valve, and blood back flow, such as in PH, where the right side of the heart becomes congested because blood cannot adequately enter the lung vasculature.

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The new ViScope MD not only allows the real-time visualization of heart waveforms, but integrates a murmur indicator for a quicker, more accurate diagnosis. HD Medical has significantly improved their IP database of heart sounds and algorithms in order to make identification of a wide array of body sounds much easier.

ViScope MD with murmur detection is CE compliance-certified and is exclusively available from the website and through HD Medical’s network of resellers.