Broncos Fan with Pulmonary Hypertension Supports the Team in Super Bowl 50 From Her Backyard

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Meet Jessica. She’s 32-years-old and probably one of the biggest fans of Broncos football team – aside from her father, Eric Del Toro. Originally from Denver – where the Broncos are from – Eric and his family, had to move from Denver to Modesto, California, for his daughter’s health. When Jessica was born, she was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension and the whole family had to change their lives in order to improve Jessica’s. The air in Denver is too thin and would only have deteriorated Jessica’s health.

One of Jessica’s biggest wishes was to attend the Super Bowl and watch a Broncos game in person. To fulfill her dream, her family started a GoFundMe page to try and raise enough money to send her to the Levi’s Stadium, in the San Francisco Bay area. Unfortunately, they didn’t raise enough money and from the 50K they needed they only raised 4K, which would only be enough for one ticket for Jessica, but it would not be safe for her to travel alone because of her condition.

On her GoFundMe page, her sister Vanessa wrote: “Jessica has earned the fund for a Super Bowl ticket. However, will not be able to attend Super Bowl 50 because of her condition. As we all know, her lungs are deteriorating & she has had frequent amounts of shortness of breaths lately. My sister would need the full on red carpet VIP experience if she were to go because of her health. We never got a call back from the ADA from Levi Stadium to get her oxygen tanks accommodated. As much as she wants to go actually taking her to the game and experiencing it would be TOO big of a risk at this time”.

So to give Jessica a full Super Bowl 50 experience, her family decided “to bring the TAILGATE PARTY TO HER to own home in Modesto, CA so she can be with her biggest supporters and can feel like she would if she were in Bronco Country”, Vanessa wrote.

Jessica had her own private and very exclusive – and safe – Super Bowl 50 experience in her own backyard, surrounded by her family and friends. And for her luck and happiness her team won the Super Bowl, as the Broncos defeated the Panthers.

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