Last Week’s Hot Topic on Pulmonary Hypertension

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Last week’s hot topic on pulmonary hypertension was Pulmonary Hypertension ‘Year in Research Review’ Finds Reasons for Hope written by Magdalena Kegel.

This article focused on the recent advances and insights made in clinical and preclinical research into pulmonary hypertension, which was highlighted in a Clinical Year in Review article published in the journal European Respiratory Review. The article, “Pulmonary hypertension,”  offers hope that pulmonary hypertension might become a well-managed and potentially even curable condition in the not-too-distant future.

While progress has been made in a number of areas, several key questions remain. Research advances have led to increased survival in PAH, making the disease more of a chronic than immediately life-threatening condition in the majority of patients. Continued collaboration in PAH research over the next decade could speed up research progress and possibly lead to a cure for the disease.

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