Do You Know How to Spot a Fake Disabled Person?

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by Marta Ribeiro |

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When someone thinks about disability, they often think about someone who is probably using a wheelchair, who can’t walk or has difficulty with their movements, they may think about people who cannot leave the house. But having a disability doesn’t necessarily mean that your condition is visible to others, that other people can tell that you are sick. There are such things as invisible and chronic illnesses, and pulmonary hypertension can be considered one of these. Apart from having to carry an oxygen bottle – which doesn’t apply to all sufferers – a pulmonary hypertension patient is not easily “detected”.

Pulmonary hypertension can be very hard to diagnose and can be easily confused with other diseases. Some people even say that PH can be like a zebra. Why? Find out the reasons why pulmonary hypertension can sometimes be like a zebra. 

In this video shared by Annie Elainey, listen to her while she discusses invisible illnesses and how misleading it all can be.

“You are here to find out what are those clues you should be looking for when trying to figure out if someone is disabled or not. Well, I’m here to tell you… you can’t. In case you missed it, you cannot tell if a person is disabled just by looking at them.”

Find out more about invisible illnesses and pulmonary hypertension. 

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