Chloe Temtchine: The Breathless PH Singer


Chloe Temtchine is no stranger to the pulmonary hypertension (PH) community. In fact, besides being an amazing singer, Chloe has been one of the most active members of the community, always working to raise awareness for PH. As a well-known face on YouTube, Chloe uses her powerful voice to reach people all over the world.

Wondering about Chloe’s life story? Read about it here.

PH is an extremely rare and serious condition that can affect anyone, of any age, gender or race. Is a condition often misdiagnosed and with a very shot lifespan if not treated in time. In this video, shared by Chasing News, follow Chloe on a day in her life. Have you ever imagined being a singer that can’t breathe? Here’s what it feels like. The youtube star shares how she was diagnosed, what her symptoms were, and the first thing the doctor told her after she received the diagnosis.

Watch Chloe’s latest video “Breathe”, featuring PH kids.

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